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halloween carved pumpkins

halloween carved pumpkins

Before you can create your masterpiece, you need to choose the right pumpkin.

Carving pumpkins is an age-old tradition that young and old enjoy. Whether you want to have a simple pumpkin carving for your doorstep or are planning a pumpkin carving party, selecting the right pumpkin is an essential part of the overall process.

As an overarching principle, the pumpkin you select will be picked based on what you want to carve on it.

You will have seen in the shops and markets that pumpkins range from small to huge and all have a place in the Halloween rituals. The largest pumpkins make fantastic centers and can take on the largest carved designs and probably the most elaborate. The small examples are used to demonstrate fine pumpkin carving techniques and these artistic examples are usually given a prominent place in any display. For the vast majority of stencil designs you will be making or buying, medium-sized pumpkins are ideal.

Before you travel to buy your pumpkin, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the size of the stencil(s) you will be using and that you select pumpkins with this mental image. Look for pumpkins that are uniformly orange, indicating ripeness, and those without bruising or other signs of damage. Any damage will adversely affect the life of the carved pumpkin.

When moving pumpkins, they should be lifted from the base and never by the stem. Be sure to transport and store your pumpkins carefully to avoid damage and bruising that will shorten the life of the fruit. Okay, now that you’ve found the perfect pumpkin, let’s take a look at a few tips on how to carve your Halloween pumpkin.

o Carving pumpkin can be a messy job and you have to cover your work area with old newspapers or cardboard o A lot of dirt is produced so a container to put this in when it is produced will save clean up time at the end

o Decide whether you are going to cut the pumpkin at the top or bottom. This usually depends on whether you are using a battery powered light source or a candle. If you are using a candle, cutting the top will provide a great vent point for the heat produced. If you’re using a battery, it’s easier to access it by cutting from the bottom.

o If your stencil does not indicate the size of the hole to cut, cut a hole about 6 inches in diameter for access as you can grab a scraper and scoop it into the pumpkin

o If you plan to draw directly on the pumpkin, do not use a permanent marker – it will not wash off and do not use a hard-tipped pen or pencil as these will mark and damage the pumpkin’s skin. Use a colored pencil or washable marker

o The first cut in the pumpkin should be before the access hole. This should be cut with the knife at a 45 degree angle so it can sit on it when the pumpkin is done

o The front of the pumpkin should be the softest side to the touch as it is easiest to cut o Once the lid (or base) is cut, remove all seeds and fibrous fibrous material from within and discard

o Scoop the inside of the pumpkin so that the side to be cut is about 2.5 cm thick. This makes cutting easier.

o Transfer the design of the parts of the pumpkin to be removed using a small toothpick or pumpkin pick that you can get as part of a set of pumpkin carving tools available cheaply online or in supermarkets around Halloween

o Use a combination of a pumpkin saw and other knives and blades to remove and make the pumpkin carving according to the design, either punched out or drawn on the pumpkin

o If you accidentally remove a part, it can often be reassembled with a toothpick

o When your carving is finished, lubricate the cut edges with Vaseline to prevent drying out

o If you are going to carve ahead of time, store the finished pumpkin in a cool dark place

o If your pumpkin does dry out, soak it in a tub of cold water to revive it.

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