halloween dinosaur costume

halloween dinosaur costume

You wonder why fictional creatures like werewolves, vampires and zombies are favorite themes for Halloween, when something real is much more terrifying. Yes, going back to the records of Earth’s fossilized history, the dinosaurs are some of the most mind-boggling creatures to have walked the Earth! So who wants to go for the dinosaur costume this coming Halloween season?

Experience the claws, jaws and mighty form of dinosaurs! These gigantic lizards roamed the earth eons ago and one can only imagine the real horror of their actual form. All we have today are fossils and remains. Still, unearthed bones are enough to tell us how big those killer claws were and how terrifying those inch-long teeth were.

And no vampire, werewolf or monster can compete with the jaws of these giant lizards! So this coming Halloween season, give that costume party a touch of ancient history and walk down the hall like a mighty dinosaur! Watch people enter being smitten in awe as you portray some of the meanest creatures to ever walk the face of the earth! It will be a party you will never forget.

And there are so many different types of dinosaurs to choose from. If you want to go all the way terrifying and scary, there’s nothing that can rival the Tyrannosaurus or better known as the T-Rex – considered the most dangerous threat of the Jurassic era. In fact, most dinosaur costume you will find is most likely a T-Rex design. It’s just too popular.

And if you want to get all volatile, there’s also the Pterodactyl dinosaur, the Jurassic version of the modern bird. This dinosaur has wings to flap and can take to the air at any time. But if you want to be the right type of dinosaur, you can choose one of the four-legged vegetarians, like the Stegosaurus for example. Check out the options available and try different types of dinosaur costumes.

And if you like Disney animated movies, then you probably know Rex, the green T-Rex toy that is one of the casts in the story. This is also a good choice for a Halloween costume. It allows you to be a dinosaur and a famous Disney character at the same time. This is also not that hard to find.

Okay, so dinosaurs are mighty and giant and all. Luckily, though, it’s available in so many different sizes that kids, toddlers, teens, and adults alike can enjoy portraying the dinosaur on Halloweens. And no, it won’t just be great for Halloween. The dinosaur costume is actually a great mascot, so it is also perfect for birthdays and other occasions to wear costumes.

So don’t waste any more time and go to your favorite online store and look for the dinosaur costume that suits you! Shopping alone is fun. But once you’ve worn it, you won’t want to take it off.

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