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halloween wreath

Halloween Wreath, Collect different decorations to create one cohesive Halloween scene, and it took less than a few minutes. Actually, you don’t have to spend a lot to decorate for Halloween; make your own cheap Halloween decorations.

halloween projector

So you have decided it’s time to invest in a digital halloween projector. All too often, when people get excited about buying equipment, they skip the most important step: research.

halloween carved pumpkins

Halloween Carved Pumpkins, The largest pumpkins make fantastic centers and can take on the largest carved designs and probably the most elaborate. The small examples are used to demonstrate fine pumpkin carving techniques and these artistic examples are usually given a prominent place in any display.

What Is Halloween and Why Is It Celebrated?

Have you ever wondered what Halloween is and why it is celebrated? Is it a festival for children or for adults? Historical evidence proves that Halloween is a festival for young and old alike. It is observed in the UK, Canada, USA and many other parts of the world. It is both a secular and a Christian tradition and is influenced by Celtic culture. Halloween is celebrated on the last day of October every year. In keeping with the times, the modern version is characterized by the concept of ‘trick or treat’. It can be noticed as a form of asking for candy or a warning about the start of a hilarious or horrible joke.

In ancient texts there are documents that decipher why Halloween is celebrated. During the fifth century, the Celtics were among the first to celebrate Halloween. It was considered the eve of the new year and considered a holy night. The Celtics believed that the dead and the living were able to cross borders into the other worlds. The day was named as “Samhain”, the Celtic New Year. It also officially marked the end of summer, the harvest season and the beginning of another harsh and dangerous winter.

Traditionally, Halloween has its roots from the pre-Christian era. Historians state that Halloween was heavily influenced by All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, which were celebrated on November 1 and 2. Together, these three days are considered sacred and celebrated throughout Europe by the end of the twelfth century. Some common celebrations on these three days were the ringing of church bells and the baking of bread. There was a strong belief that during these three days, lost souls would roam the earth and take revenge from their enemies before they were ready to reach their afterlife. In fact, the word Halloween didn’t come into use until the 16th century.

Halloween has a unique history. You may be surprised to learn that in the early 1500s, Halloween rituals came under attack from the Protestants, resulting in a loss of importance. In addition, in the 17th century, Guy Fawkes Night was celebrated on the fifth day of November, ending the genuine celebrations of Halloween across Britain. In the twentieth century, Halloween became one of the most anticipated celebrations in America. It was given a high status above all religions and racial discrimination and was socially accepted as a holiday.

Halloween is celebrated in many fun ways. On Halloween night, people like to dress up in scary costumes and go trick or treating. Children enjoy Halloween the most. Today, both children and adults participate in Halloween celebrations and wear unique scary costumes. Many others believe they are upholding a long-lost tradition of bygone centuries.

The history of Halloween is fascinating. Learning about Halloween facts can be fun and interesting. It is important to understand the meaning of Halloween and its cultural and historical background. Get more insights and perspectives about Halloween online. Understanding the meaning of Halloween can add a new perspective to your learning curve and also help you impart knowledge about this festival to your loved ones and friends.

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